The story of ShelleySellsShirts

Hi. I’m Shelley. Just over 15 years ago I barely survived a traumatic brain injury when, as the passenger in a high speed motorcycle accident, I flew head over heels onto the unforgiving pavement of a California highway.

The accident destroyed my career and left me struggling financially to the point that it became necessary to leave my southern California home and move somewhere more affordable — Tucson Arizona! And then I had to apply to live on disability. Although Tucson has been a decent place to recover –- my soul longs for the beach. What can I say? I’m an ocean girl?

Because of my TBI, I still can’t do as much as I would like to do, but as an artist, I’ve learned that I can still do things better than some. And with my body as healed as it’s ever going to be, I am ready to rejoin the fight’ –to take charge, once again of my financial future and my life!

With the help of my business partner Harry, I’ve created ShelleySellsShirts.com — my ticket to more self-reliance, healing, and freedom — my avenue to reconnect to my own version of the American dream! I’m done being “brain damaged Shelley, the disabled girl in the desert.” I want more. I want to be Shelley who sells shirts from a she shed by the seashore! (Say that five times fast!) So I’ve designed some really cool shirts! All I need now is your help.

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I have a warm heart for cold noses.
We Make Feminism Look Good.
It Must be 420 Somewhere.
Everyday, ya gotta’ have a lil fun!
Cuz we’re not morally bankrupt.
Keep your eyes peeled.